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    My professional career, thus far, has been an interesting journey through numerous industrial domains including 
insurance, financial, retail, manufacturing, and loan servicing software.
    As a junior programmer, there was no internet.  Large enterprise midrange computers ran the show and the UI were 
derived from pigtail wired dumb terminals!  Enter the internet age and client server frameworks.  A lot changed in the 
software development space and technology began to evolve at a very rapid pace.  Development continued under waterfall 
methodology, though agile was up and coming, and midrange UI's remained loyal to the 24x80 terminal outputs.  The platform
continued to handle the enterprise wide core application processing at an incredibly reliable and secure day to day basis.  
The midrange had survived this internet evolution thanks to its reliable, secure and scalable architecture. 
    Fast forward to current year (2020) and the platform remains prominent among many Fortune 500 companies.  
IBM continues to enhance OS releases bringing the most modern development avenues for we developers to indulge in.  
    However, many companies are at a crossroad due to the large volume of technical debt on their IBM i systems.  
The systems reliable nature and backwards compatibilty with programming lanquages was a huge advantage obviousy, but at 
the same time would prove to be an issue as it rarely demanded modernization efforts to be applied to it.  
Therefore  day to day reliable core processing turned into year to year, that before we knew it turned into decade 
to decade.  Now large companies are faced with modernizing old legacy code that is greatly customized to the business 
model and operating rules, or migrate to a system that is more common to GUI.  For someone like me that has been their 
from the beginning, it is a no brainer to simply modernize the current system implementing modern standards such as moving 
business rules to the database, transforming the monolithic application layer to a MVC or 3rd tier architecture model.
    As a modern day developer I have great passion in re-architecting legacy code of 20-30 years ago.  
I also find applying modern practices in new development highly rewarding.  The platform may have lost the UI game, 
but is unmatched in security and scalability and the best business class database and microservices server on the planet.